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    Individual Nominations

    Uma Venkatachalam

    Name : Uma Venkatachalam

    Address : 22, Muthu Street, Vyasarpadi

    State : TAMIL NADU

    Place : Chennai

    City : Chennai

    Sex : female

    Date of Birth : 17/07/1975

    Mobile : 9444404822

    Email : uma@suyam.org

    Educational Qualification : 1. Doctorate Awardee - Ph.D (Waste land development in Admin. angle) 2. Hindi Pandit (Sahitya Ratna) 3. MSEM - Master of Science in Education Management 4. M.Sc. Maths 5. PGDCA 6. MBA 7. Montessori Trainer 8.

    Work in field of literacy : Born in the 1975. Started educating slum children from the age of 12 ie year 1987. Involved in various educational projects, scout and guide, awareness programs, personality development camps conducted which benefited thousands of children across Tamilnadu. In the year 1999, established SUYAM Charitable Trust and become founder managing trustee, having main focus on Education. After completion film making workshop, about to submit a documentary movie, that time shoot movie about pavement dwellers in chennai kilpauk area and there identified 50 families involved in begging. After 4 years of awareness created among the group, established Siragu Montessori School with 34 children and now benefiting 400+ children from begging community, child labor, nomadic tribes, parent less, semi parent children and children from various economically and socially backward sector of the society. So far, rehabilitated 500 begging families which is considered major support to the Nomadic tribes.

    No of Beneficiaries : 1000 direct beneficiaries benefiting through our schools and education projects

    Social Impact : Contributions/ Achievements In the last two decades, through the continuous focus & selfless service and with the support of good Samaritans, been able to establish two schools viz., Siragu Montessori and BharathaMatha School. • Running schools for First generation learners for the past 14 years. • Suyam’sflagship school, SIRAGU Montessori near Avadi, Chennai provides free education to 462 children of which 113 children are residential and focus is on overall development.  BharathaMatha School caters toanother 125 students  Also, providing higher education support for 50 students for their college studies Apart from education of the deprived children, focus is on the entire community development, especially the Nomadic Tribes, by supporting their families in many ways such as their health related Activities, lobbying for their basic rights and identity, forming Self Help Group for women, procurement of auto rickshaws for Men, Balwadi for Toddlers, etc.

    Fund Outlay : 1000000

    The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Undergoing high time financial challenges but we have taken up the task to support with all round development in the year 1999 and 17 years after we look back and our growth is step by step monitored and we mainly depend on daily donations from Individuals and few institutions and 30% contribution come from Corporate. So far we focused more on education to poor n needy and run for survival with 0% corpus fund, now we formed a strong working committee to spread the awareness about the organisation and raise corpus fund and also for operating expenses.

    This Award is going to impact the work in future : At this juncture we need to step out and ask people for support to manage the finances in the organisation considering lots of students who are in que to get higher education support, children who brought up childhood now in colleges across the country. Awards we dedicate to our donors and well wishers and it will help us to present ourselves well and we can ask more philanthropists to contribute and reach more poor n needy. It is also a motivating tool to our team work. All credit goes to our students, staff, donors, well wishers and our working committee, totally a team effort.

    Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

    Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : Yes

    Recognition Detail : Seva Ratna Award given by AKKINENI FOUNDATION OF AMERICA on 14.12.2016

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