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    Individual Nominations

    Dr Hirdesh Chaudhary

    Name : Dr Hirdesh Chaudhary



    Place : AGRA

    City : AGRA

    Sex : female

    Date of Birth : 06/11/1974

    Mobile : 9639161612

    Email : drhchaudhary@yahoo.com

    Educational Qualification : M.A.; M.Ed.; Ph.D.

    Work in field of literacy : Gadhiya Luhar community is one of the nomadic tribes who lead a wandering life. They earn their livelihood by making household and agricultural goods from old metallic scraps. The entire family –men, women and their children are engaged in their traditional jobs. They are all illiterates as they have never been to schools. Realizing that it is not possible for them to teach their children in existing scheme of Governments. I took the decision of resigning from my Government job to teach nomadic children. I started the mission of teaching nomadic children based in Agra. Firstly I tried to admit them in Government schools but it was of no use. Neither the school teachers nor the parents of such children were serious about the education. I counseled the parents of nomadic children for months. Finally, I decided to establish a school which is now popularly known as “Ghumantu Pathshala”. Since 2011, I have been able to sustain the education of about 200 nomadic children in Agra.

    No of Beneficiaries : 500

    Social Impact : The impact of my initiative is such that entire Gadhiya Luhar community living in Agra have not moved out of Agra as they now want their children educated. This message has spread outside Agra and nomadic people come to me for education. Unfortunately, I do not have resources to manage education of children from outside. I have been able to change the mindset of entire community. Education of nomadic children is spreading awareness in their families and relatives. They have become more concerned in matters of education, cleanliness and discipline in life and moving towards mainstream of society. They have moved from leading a wandering life to a settled life to gain education. Soon, they will be part of nation building process and development in this country. Due to their stay at one place, I got them ration cards, aadhar cards and voter cards to get them benefits of government schemes. With voter cards, they have part of democratic and political process of this country.

    Fund Outlay : 1000000

    The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Funds for continuation of education of nomadic children are being arranged through donations. Recently, the school fee for one full year of all children was arranged by Agrasen Society of Agra. Similarly, the dress is arranged by some other group or clubs. There are few individuals, groups or clubs who give donations for major expenditure for the whole year like onetime payment of fees, uniforms, books etc. Then routine expenditure like travelling arrangement, reading materials and other miscellaneous things are managed through individual donations received from time to time.

    This Award is going to impact the work in future : This award will definitely give me and my work a recognition and it will help in getting more funds for the education of nomadic children in future. Besides, the money from this award shall be donated by me for managing additional expenditure of few more children in the coming session. Every year, I admit new nomadic children to my Ghumantu Pathshala and after one year, they are shifted to English medium school for further education. Since I am yet to receive any government or corporate funds, I am dependent on donations from local people. This award will give me additional advantage and exposure at a bigger platform to showcase my work. My work of education to nomadic children is in synch with the objectives of the Rotary Club where the welfare of poor and needy is supreme. I am hopeful that this award will surely open the doors for those who are willing to help most neglected and illiterate section of the society in order to bring a smile on their face.

    Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

    Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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