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    State : DELHI

    Place : DELHI

    City : DELHI

    Sex : male

    Date of Birth : 01/02/1970

    Mobile : 98734-4551

    Email : rajeshkumarsharmametro@gmail.com

    Educational Qualification : 12TH SCIENCE

    Work in field of literacy : 46 years old Rajesh Kumar Sharma, is a college dropout who owns a general store at Shakarpur, about 5 km from the school which he runs under a metro line which he started in 2007. He had moved to Delhi from Aligarh in 1955. Sharma could not complete his BSC degree from Aligarh University due to financial constraints in his family. His own inability to finish college became his inspiration to educate other poor children. The area under metro line used to be covered with undergrowth and bushes. He found a place to teach and started with just two children. In three months it took the shape of a full grown school. He approached the principal of a municipal school at Shakarpur and invited him to visit his school. The Principal visited the next day and was surprised to see so many children attending his classes. He later made arrangements to admit 60 of his children and this cycle continues ever since. He has taught about 1500 children over the years in this manner.

    No of Beneficiaries : 1400

    Social Impact : Children of daily wage earners, labourers, migrant labour & rag pickers of nearby area are coming to study in this under the metro flyover school. In his own way he is able to refine the future of 200 children every year, those who would have otherwise uneducated through out their life.

    Fund Outlay : 100000

    The challenge of arranging funds is being met : By his personal contribution and some money donated by passers by.

    This Award is going to impact the work in future : Literacy hero award would mean a lot to me – firstly it will motivate me to extend my network on similar lines on other parts of Delhi. Secondly, this award will also motivate others to pool in their resources and also to initiate such type of projects and activities in their area.

    Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

    Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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