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    Individual Nominations

    Achyut Das

    Recommended By : Jayashree Mohanty
    Name : Achyut Das

    Address : Agragamee, At PO Kashipur, District Rayagada

    State : ODISHA

    Place : Bhubaneswar

    City : Rayagada

    Sex : male

    Date of Birth : 27/08/1951

    Mobile : 9437973588

    Email : achyutdas@agragamee.org

    Educational Qualification : M.Sc. Mathematics

    Work in field of literacy : Achyut Das calls himself a development activist with a passion for bringing literacy to the most underprivileged tribal communities in remote district of Rayagada. His work for tribal education and literacy began in the early 1990s through Agragamee. He has engaged in people-centred, culturally-sensitive and ecologically-balanced sustainable development of remote tribal communities in Odisha for over three decades. Is helping 15000 children in 250 tribal villages learn to read and write and go for further education.Three schools for girls, called Mukta Gyana Kutir for the education of tribal girls has been established. The unique pedagogy developed for literacy helps teachers teach and children to learn in fun and easy ways without stress. It has made him understand the several issues of poverty, and incorporate it in the curriculum and teaching, so that children emerged as activists, understanding and responding to the developmental contradictions within their community.

    No of Beneficiaries : 25000

    Social Impact : All girls from zero literacy villages, passed from Agragamee Mukta Gyana Kutir are now pursuing further studies. The approach is well established 3 model schools of Agragamee, wherein children are able to read and write fluently by the time they reach Grade III. This is unique achievement for tribal regions, where 85% of children have parents who have never gone to school, and thus get no academic supports at home. This is expanded to more schools in 3 tribal districts of Koraput, Rayagada and Nabrangpur. The Government has welcomed these efforts to improve early grade learning, and requested Agragamee worksbooks for older children and weaker children in higher grades as well.

    Fund Outlay : 25 lakhs per annum

    The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Over the last 10 years of the effort for Mukta Gyana Kutir, about an average of Rs.25 lakhs per annum has been spent for the schools, which includes Mid-day meals, learning materials for all the children, and teaching material for the teachers and schools. In the work with 18 Government Schools which is just about a 8 months old, Agragamee has spent about Rs.20 Lakhs in total. The task of fund raising for the schools is the most challenging. Agragamee networks with national and international donors, as well as family and friends for supporting the efforts.

    This Award is going to impact the work in future : We hope the award will provide widespread visibility to our work, and the need for supporting education in the tribal regions. We hope it will help more educated and aware people join the efforts for quality education in the tribal areas.We hope it will mobilise educationists with expertise in language, mathematics and environmental science to contribute their skills and knowledge in improving teaching pedagogy and developing effective teacher training modules for quality education of first generation children in the tribal areas.We hope the award will create widespread interest in developing and improving teaching pedagogy for first generation school goers in underdeveloped areas

    Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

    Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : Yes

    Recognition Detail : 2014 Odisha Living Legends Awards 2013 NIIST Award for excellence in Social Service

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