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    Individual Nominations


    Recommended By : ROTARIAN SUNNIL MEHRA
    Name : MITHU ALUR

    Address : ADAPT - Chairpersons Secretariat & Head Office: Upper Colaba Road, Mumbai - 400 005


    Place : Mumbai

    City : MUMBAI

    Sex : male

    Date of Birth : //

    Mobile : 9819398838

    Email : contact@adaptssi.org

    Educational Qualification : M.A

    Work in field of literacy : In 1972, three children with multiple disabilities, who were marginalized from mainstream schools, were provided with education and therapy less than one roof. Dr MithuAlur set up this special school in Colaba under the aegis of The Spastic Society of India (SSI). It was the first center in the country, aimed at providing a holistic approach to education, treatment, support and care of children with multiple disabilities. The first services established included assessments, infant stimulation, home support, therapy and special education

    No of Beneficiaries : 1500

    Social Impact : ADAPT (formerly The Spastics Society of India), was founded by Dr. MithuAlur in 1972. It was the first special school in India for children with cerebral palsy. At a time when little was known about developmental implications, Dr. Alur set up the first model to offer treatment and education under one roof. Within a decade, service centres based on the first ADAPT model were established in Kolkatta and New Delhi. The Society set up branches in Bangalore and Chennai, both of which are independent today. Meanwhile, the first ADAPT students were poised to enter the community and needed the necessary occupational skills and training to do so. In 1989 the National Job Development Centre was opened in Chembur, Mumbai.

    Fund Outlay : 0

    The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Arranging funds is always a challenge. We manage funds from our own sources and depend on donations.

    This Award is going to impact the work in future : It is bound to be a recognition for the challenged children and work on the path for inclusive education of the challenged, thereby eliminating barriers of social stigma. The end objective of TOTAL Literacy will also be served.

    Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

    Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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