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    Individual Nominations

    Ekta Sodha

    Name : Ekta Sodha

    Address : Sodha Schools Limda Lane

    State : GUJARAT

    Place : Jamnagar

    City : Jamnagar

    Sex : female

    Date of Birth : 25/09/1983

    Mobile : 9879908080

    Email : esodha@gmail.com

    Educational Qualification : Ekta studied for her PhD in Education Technology under world famous Prof Sugata Mitra from Newcastle University, UK. She holds a Masters of Education in International Leadership and Management from Newcastle University. Before leaving for England, Ekta completed her B.Ed and MA from Saurashtra University, Gujarat.

    Work in field of literacy : Ektas passion and commitment lies with low-cost, high quality education. Her sole purpose in returning back to India in 2011, following her studies in the UK, was to focus on improving literacy for the underprivileged in rural Gujarat. She started her groundbreaking work from her native town of Jamnagar. Ekta’s network of low-cost schools currently serves 5,000 students in eight schools – up from 3,500 students last year, and 1,500 students in 2012. She is intending to expand her chain of schools at a similar or increasing rate each year. She has created exceptional educational opportunities to improve literacy (as well as numeracy), using an innovative technological approach, for low-income families priced at only INR 500 per pupil per month, including free books and uniform. Her dream is to ensure that no child is left behind from basic literacy. In her schools, Ekta also runs after-school literacy classes for poor parents and senior citizens, free of charge.

    No of Beneficiaries : 75,000

    Social Impact : Ekta’s social impact arises through the way her schools extend access to the poor to high-quality, technologically-sophisticated education, in exceptionally low-cost schools with an innovative all-inclusive payment scheme. The work being undertaken by Ekta is influencing rural communities in Gujarat in a major way. Her expansion of Sodha and Cadmus Schools is entirely in rural areas, including the coastal belt of Gujarat, mainly made up of fishing villages, and rural districts inland. Ektas schools offer a daily payment option to parents, to enhance their accessibility, to fit in with those daily paid labourers and fishermen and fishmongers whose income is on a daily basis. A huge number of kids do not go to a good school purely due to lack of a consistent income. Her schools took away the stigma of not having money by offering these daily fees, which are all-inclusive, with nothing further to pay for books and uniform. Removing the entry level barrier to education with low fees of Rs

    Fund Outlay : 22500000

    The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Her work has grown organically. However, lately generous donors and investors have come forward to help her take her literacy program to many more children in rural villages.

    This Award is going to impact the work in future : Winning the prestigious Rotary Literacy Hero Award will not only help Ekta build credibility, but also will inspire and set an example for many young people to come forward and dedicate their lifes work to education. India has a huge pool of young people who need good role models; recognizing Ekta’s work will help this talent join hands for the mission of improving educational opportunities for the less-blessed in society. This award will help take this mission forward and work as an endorsement to good efforts of an individual to help society and inspire others at the same time to take this Rotary mission of eradicating illiteracy from India.

    Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

    Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : Yes

    Recognition Detail : Under Ektas leadership Sodha Schools achieved 5th rank in the entire state of Gujarat by Asias premiere Digital Learning Magazine, for raising literacy and providing technologically sophisticated education at a very low cost.

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