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Afzal Khan

Recommended By : Shruti Pandit
Name : Afzal Khan

Address : 503-Holkar Apartment, Manik Bagh Road, Near Choithram Hospital,Indore-452001


Place : Mumbai

City : Indore

Sex : male

Date of Birth : 01/02/1948

Mobile : 9303331212

Email :

Educational Qualification : Intermediate

Work in field of literacy : Sufi Afzal Khan a.k.a Baba Sahab is a Sufi Mystic who had the penchant for spreading humanity and love in the society especially for the benefit of poor and needy people. He is working silently in this field without forming any trust or NGO from past 35-40 years. When he started working in the field of literacy 40 years back, he used to travel door-to-door in the cities of Dewas and Indore to encourage Slum kids to take education seriously. He used to donate books, stationary, clothes to poor and needy kids at that point of time. His charity work was not limited to education but he used to donate medications, food etc. to needy and destitute people which he still does. Slowly and steadily as he got his Government Job, he started donating 20% of his salary monthly to support kids who were in need of funds for education. He made poor kids understand value of education, humanity and love through one-on-one discussions, a practice which he still carries.

No of Beneficiaries : 1000 families in last 35 years

Social Impact : Through his silent work he has formed a replicable model which can be implemented by anyone and everyone. When kids supported by him started coming back to him for offering their first salary, he refused to accept any kind of money in return from them. He instead told students to pick up one or more students in their vicinity from poor and weaker sections of the society who is unable to continue his education due to money crunch and fund his/her education. There are lakhs of disciples that Baba Sahab has in India and abroad who are silently carrying out this chain and teaching poor students in need by contributing a fraction of their salaries. Till date he gives speeches to his disciples on importance of education, humanity and love to make world a better place for all of us. He doesn’t believe in discrimination. Till date many followers visit him to listen to his intellectual and spiritual discourses be it rich, poor, businessmen, politicians, NRIs to mention few.

Fund Outlay : 30 Lakhs in past 40 years

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Sufi Afzal Khan a.k.a Baba Sahab was working in a Government Job 40 years back with State Transport in Dewas (M.P.).With the meagre salary that he received at that point of time, he always ensured that he contributed 20% of his salary for funding/helping poor or needy kids. Every Sunday he used to go door to door in Dewas to ask people to contribute whatever they can (money, food, medicines, clothes etc.) so that it can be donated to poor and needy people and kids. His principle was to pay school fees of needy kids and school fees of his own kids later. There were times when he had to take debt from his acquaintances to fund education of poor kids who needed money for higher education. Later on he used to pay back his debts in instalments. He funded for education of kids in primary and secondary school to start with. Later on he started funding for higher education (graduation and post-graduation) as well.Many kids monetarily supported by him are now working in top MNCs in India and abroad today. He had visited Egypt and Africa as well where he met tribal people and conducted awareness sessions for them on the subject of education, personal hygiene and aids. He laid foundation of Dhar Public School 15 years back. At that point of time school had just 100 students. Now this school has expanded and has around 1000 students spread over from 1st to 10th class. Attached are pictures of his recent visit to Dhar school where he is awarding trophy to Best House Captain of Dhar Public School, a school in Dhar (M.P.).In the picture-Sufi Afzal Khan a.k.a Baba Sahab is donating clothes to tribal children of Dar Es Salaam(Egypt) where he conducted awareness session for children and their families on education, personal hygiene and AIDS.In one of the pictures In the Picture-Baba Sahab is collecting charity from Queen of Sanand District,Gujrat for supporting poor kids for education.In another Picture-Mr. M.I. Patel (Secretary of Minority Department AICC),Mr. Javed Kan (Former Education Minister of Maharashtra),Mr. Afzal Khan and Ms. Shruti Pandit (a student whom Baba Sahab has supported for higher education).In one Picture-Mr. M.I. Patel (Secretary of Minority Department AICC) ,Mr. Ahmed Patel (Member of Parliament and a Senior Congress Leader) discussing academic challenges that poor and minority kids face today with Baba Sahab.In a Picture-Mr. M.I. Patel (Secretary of Minority Department AICC),Baba Sahab ,Mr. Iqbal Patel-Ex MLA of Congress (Vagra,Gujrat) and MM Sheikh-Chairman of Working Board-Maharashtra Mumbai

This Award is going to impact the work in future : “Thousand Candles can be lit by a single candle and can spread the light around.” This is the intention behind applying for this award. This story can motivate and encourage many people to work towards funding for education of poor and needy people. Anyone can contribute a fraction of his/her salary to find someone’s education. A chain can be formed not only in India but globally with the message “Each One, Teach One.” This can have wide spread impact in changing mind-set of people towards contributing their bit for education.

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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