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Guru Angad Dev Educational and Welfare Council (Regd.)

Recommended By : Rotarian Dr. Harwinder Singh Chattwal

Name : Guru Angad Dev Educational and Welfare Council (Regd.)

Address : Preet Nagar, Tajpur Road, Near Central Jail,

State : PUNJAB

Place : Ludhiana

Mobile : 9855173732

Email :

Work in field of literacy : The Guru Angad Dev Educational and Welfare Council (Regd.) is engaged in providing educational and empowering services to poor students and their families in the slums of Preet Nagar, Ludhiana for the last 12 years. Bhai Baaz Singh Public School run by the body has more than 700 students on roll, starting from a humble 45. The students hail from members of erstwhile artisan families -iron-smiths, rag pickers, daily wagers and other menial job workers who eke out on a daily basis and live below the poverty line. Students -almost an equal number of boys and girls are given books, textbooks, uniform and their complete education free of cost. The school up to class VIII is affiliated with Punjab School Education Board and is extending its facilities to upgrade the school to secondary status. Mid-day meals, sports facilities, after-school sewing centre, computer centre to impart basic computing skills and other extra-curricular facilities are available for the students.

No of Beneficiaries : 1750

Social Impact : With the presence of the Guru Angad Dev Educational and Welfare Council, the mindset of the slum dwellers has changed radically. Girls as young as 10 and 12 used to be married off and never sent to school. The very increase in numbers is an achievement of the organisation. Personal and collective hygiene of the area was of no consequence but now there is a significant improvement in personal hygiene, and changes are taking place at their habitat as well. Many girls who have studied and their relatives -elderly girls and ladies have learned sewing skills and make a living stitching clothes and dresses. Boys and girls are dreaming of going to college, and the hesitation and resistance of parents in sending students away from home is decreasing. There is an overall improvement in health standards. Through workshops, students and the parents of artisans learn basic marketing skills, saving habits and allied jobs to enhance their incomes. Sports participation has impacted health awareness.

Fund Outlay : 0

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : The organisation receives funds from individuals in Ludhiana and around. There are many individuals who give a regular donation and those who render support in kind as well. Local organisations provide support to the mid-day meal programme as well. As the organisation has FCRA accreditation also, we receive a good chunk of our school expenditure from our overseas donors who endorse our educational and empowering activities and programs.

This Award is going to impact the work in future : Recognition is an inspiration and a take-off point. The organisation would increase the number of beneficiaries and inspire more volunteers. With the award money and more that will follow we will set up a skill development centre and start adult education classes for women of the neighbourhood. With the fame that comes with the award, we will generate more awareness about education, hygiene and health. We will be able to launch similar activities in small centres spread in various parts of the Ludhiana district. The trust proposes to be one-up with the times by setting up a 50 computers laboratory so that every student can benefit and be on par with other students. Smart classes can be start in all classes of the school and a well-functioning Laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Botany can be set up for the students. To tap the design and artistic talent of the students, we propose to set up a digital art centre for graphic design, photography and videography skills.

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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