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RASMI RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL Initiative by Dr.D.Parwathappa Memorial Trust (R),


Name : RASMI RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL Initiative by Dr.D.Parwathappa Memorial Trust (R),

Address : 153, 3rd.MAIN ROAD, P.J.EXTENSION,


Place : Karnataka

Mobile : 9008955663

Email :

Work in field of literacy : Established in the year 2000 as a Residential school for young girls from poverty stricken families, it has been cradling a silent revolution in the surroundings of Davangere. Run under the auspices of Dr.D.Parwathappa Memorial Trust (R), this school is the effort of one socially conscious family to provide education to young girls who would otherwise doomed to a life of illiteracy and ignorance. The members of the family of Late Smt and Dr. D. Parwathappa have been the sole contributors for establishment and running of RASMI. Dedicated and like minded people have joined the trust and school, with the intension of further bettering the lives of children housed here. RASMI focuses on providing children with a complete and well-rounded education. Most of the children at Rasmi come from families facing abject poverty and in many cases absentee or abusive parent.

No of Beneficiaries : 250

Social Impact : The motivation behind the work being done at RASMI is the well known adage that if you educate a girl you educate a generation and a nation. Careful attention is paid to the economic and social background of the girls accepted into RASMI to ensure that help reaches the neediest of the needy. The immediate and obvious benefit is that these girls are often times rescued from abject poverty and volatile or dangerous situations such as abusive parents. However the long term impact is much more far reaching. In addition to the regular academic curriculum, the girls are taught the basics of hygiene, sanitation and discipline. The children are encouraged to visit their parents in the holidays where they impart that knowledge to the rest of their family. In the best situations this has a positive impact on the family health and lifestyle.

Fund Outlay : 500000000

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Dr. D. Parwathappa Memorial Trust originally started out in May 2000 as a family trust. In January 2015 the decision was made to open up the trust to non-family members in order to include trustees with a wider set of skills and experiences.In the early years of the school, almost the entire set of funds required to purchase the land and construct the school and hostel buildings were provided by Dr. P. Surendra, the father of RASMI, in whose memory the school has been named. In later years other family members also contributed to the cause. After facing struggles coming up with a steady source of income to run the school and hostel, the decision was made to sell a family property and create an endowment fund. Only the interest generated from this fund is used for recurring monthly expenses. Members of the family and other generous minded individuals continue to contribute to the endowment fund. Members of the public and others sympathetic to the cause have also donated to RASMI in kind. We have received appliances like a refrigerator, water purifier, solar water heater and a UPS. Several people choose to either sponsor meals or provide the school with ongoing essentials such as stationary and uniforms. Local organizations, educational institutions and individuals have also assisted RASMI by providing services related to health care, education and extra curricular activity coaching. We however still have a long way to go. The lack of a steady and predictable stream of income means that we cannot plan for any long-term improvements in terms of facilities, nutrition and staffing. The current endowment fund is sufficient to cover the bare expenses of the school and hostel but not sizable enough to allow for investments in improving the quality of nutrition, education, infrastructure, etc. that the children deserve. The school has not received any funds from government or foreign agencies and lacks the budget and the know how to make the investment required in applying for such funds.

This Award is going to impact the work in future : The motivation behind the work done at Rasmi Residential School is to contribute towards fixing a fundamental issue with our society today and a root cause for many other problems – the inability of many girls in our country to get a proper education due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. Our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has also recognized this as a problem and has made the education of the girl child a priority for his administration -Beti Padhou Recognition of the services provided at Rasmi by ROTARY-an international organization will serve more than just boosting the morale of everyone involved. Female empowerment has been shown to be a proven way to enable societies to better themselves and Rasmi aims to contribute to that cause. This award would help bring attention to the ground reality of the problems our country is facing in this area, and will hopefully motivate other people to involve themselves in similar causes.

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : Yes

Recognition Detail : AWARDS RECEIVED 1. “KARNATAKADA UTKRUSHTA MANUSHYA” 2013. By “SRI GUDDALAPPA HALLIKERE SMARAKA PRATHISTHANA”, Hasaratti, Karnataka. 2. “ SOMESWARA SIRI” 2014 By “SOMESWARA VIDYALAYA”, Davangere, Karnataka. 3. “ VARSHADA VYAKTI” 2015-16 By ” VIJAYA VANI” Kannada Daily News Paper, Bangalore

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