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Place : JAIPUR


Sex : female

Date of Birth : 09/09/1936

Mobile : 9829072299

Email :

Educational Qualification : M.A. B.ED

Work in field of literacy : My educational journey began on the 3rd October 1956, in Government school Tonk (Rajasthan) where I taught for years. Moving on to better horizons in school education I started my endeavours with an undying spirit at the various Government Schools in Jaipur and the adjoiningcities until my superannuation in 1994. Besides teaching, I adopted a lot of girl child from the poor and the downtrodden specially from the minority community; To provide them skills, education and finally look into providing them funds to get married. Illiterate parents were too happy to see their child educated and settled after my constant counselling to send their children to school. This all seems easy and rosy but my journey was full of difficulties and hardships. Orphaned in infancy around six months, rejected by all relatives apart from a maternal grandmother suffered from cancer and was constantly indisposed. Left over in lurch by all relations who migrated to Pakistan, I not only studied as a private st

No of Beneficiaries : 3000

Social Impact : My association with girl education for more than sixty years has given me insight into the role of education into the social & economic development of community & nation at large. Girl education not only leads to the narrowing of the gap between the two genders in terms of access to education, health, freedom but also over to develop their potential & utilization of resources. I can claim with experience that with education the girls were able to influence the size of their families were more aware toward the family planning provisions, reducing the infant mortality rate, further decreasing the fertility rate & having smaller families. I can innumerate various examples in which the girls income were spent more on providing quality education to their kids while the male income was utilised more on bread & butter. The social status of the girls increased with education as they were also providing monetary support to the family & contributes to their family welfare.

Fund Outlay : 300000

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : I worked in govt. schools during my service, other than the schemes run by the govt. for the welfare of the girls, I contributed through a portion of my salary and my husband’s salary by adopting girls for education, providing them school uniforms and books. I also asked my fellow teachers to do the same, successfully. I also arranged other facilites like water purifier, winter clothes, medicine through charitable trust & welfare organisations. I can claim that lots of funds are required for poor girls to continue their education as their education comes last in the order of priority by their families. Besides my individual efforts the members of Qureshi community helped me a lot in modernisation and progress of their school.

This Award is going to impact the work in future : This award will definitely highlight the work required to be done for girl education & the fact that investing in girl education is more than moral obligation as it is likely to stop the transmission of poverty from generation to generation by reducing the size of family, arresting fertility, increasing the age of marriage & child birth, reducing child mortality & providing extra income & stability to the family. This award will provide me resource to invest more for the needy girls & explore more about what can be done for increasing the sphere of education & welfare of women. This award will definitely send the positive message to the society to work for the betterment of girl education.

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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