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Jaya R

Recommended By : Rotary Sampradaya Hyderabad
Name : Jaya R



Place : Chennai

City : Chennai

Sex : female

Date of Birth : 13/03/1949

Mobile : 9789941946

Email :

Educational Qualification : M.A., Phd.

Work in field of literacy : My work over a period of 35 years as writer. I write for children, women and adults. I write social, spiritual, educational, cultural, vedic, historical and literary literature. Have been writing for children and brought out many reading books, manuals and text books etc . Since I tried to remove books in the classroom, I started writing for web sites. Wrote 1008 stories in a website that deals with spiritual, cultural and historical stories of India. I did 1008 pdf stories and 365 video stories which received world acclaim. This made me launch virtualschool till class fifth and wrote all learning materials for all subjects. More than 500 files of pdf and mp4 files are launched. Everything is uploaded in as a corporate trainer I feltI must launch and made 100 pdf foundation and functional skills. I brought out mp4files of vedic literature and launched them in 5 vedas, 108 upanishads, 500 cantos of valmiki Ramayana

No of Beneficiaries : 100000

Social Impact : As teacher, writer, administrator, trainer and social scientist have been working with children, women and senior citizens one side corporate executives and teachers on other side. Thousands of individuals got benefit from my works. Can not give exact number but it exceeds lakhs. I could bring educational innovations, social awareness especially for girl child and about girl child, made many to understand the values both of human and social along with cultural aspects of every religion, as I work with all religious communities. I wrote for Jains, Muslim and Hindus their value stories and also worked with Christians. As a humanist I work with all religious communities and try to bring harmony among them and understand each others values.

Fund Outlay : 500000

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : For all writings I have been funding my works over the period of years. All my books are published by publishers from New Delhi. My websites are funded by myself. Now and Jain Agamas are supported by Abusha foundations for doing work. I work 15 to 18 hours a day. I am paid 2 lakhs per year for for 5 years and 3 lakhs for Agamas per year for 7 years. All my websites and many books are free of cost. I do this as my social responsibility. Being a person from middle class, it is very difficult, so I pursue my profession till date.

This Award is going to impact the work in future : This award will give boost to my work. I am also Vice- President of ANDHRA MAHILA SABHA OF CHENNAI. I do help the institution by repairing units, establishing learning centres, upkeep of play grounds and manage the mentally and physical challenged, old people, children of the sabha by providing different aminities. This amount will be given to ANDHRA MAHILA SABHA for the mentally challenged.

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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