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4S Learning

Name : 4S Learning

Address : P-56, Anuj Vihar Delhi Cantt New Delhi - 110010

State : DELHI

Place : New Delhi

Mobile : 9971201909

Email :

Work in field of literacy : The 4SL Box enables the creation of Digital Classrooms anywhere, without the need for electricity, Internet or expensive Audio Visual classrooms!! It runs on solar power, thus mitigating the problems caused by power cuts, lack of power or intermittent power supply. In fact, you can practically conduct a digital class under a tree!!This solution is a complete ecosystem that contains hardware, software and educational content. The teacher uses a tablet to drive classroom learning. The students use tablets to engage with the content one-on-one. Analytics on performance, behaviour and usage are available in the form of reports and analyses. Teacher Training modules help build capacity of teachers. These include sessions on pedagogy and technology in education in order to empower teachers (who may so far be trained or not) to make the teaching learning process more effective. The digital classroom can be used to impart education to children, to conduct adult education classes for the non-

No of Beneficiaries : 1500

Social Impact : India today has 8.4 crore children out of school. Lakhs of others drop out at various stages due to reasons such as terrain, extreme climatic conditions, and socio-economic factors. The social impact of the work that I am doing includes: 1 Access and outreach in education 2 Equity in educational content and infrastructure 3 Increased student engagement 4 Reduced number of drop-outs 5 Reduced absenteeism 6 Improved literacy levels in the children in rural, semi-rural and semi-urban India. 7 Improved reading levels of children in rural, semi-rural and semi-urban India.

Fund Outlay : 2500000

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Funding continues to be a big challenge. Although we are ensuring a low cost solution, the quality of content and training available on it from our various partners is very high and comes at a cost. Moreover, since this is a hardware-based solution, it requires investment in terms of component costs. A majority of our users cannot afford to pay for this solution. Besides being from rural areas, our students come from the lower strata of society – children of slum dwellers, labourers, domestic help, etc. As a result, we can predominantly depend on philanthropy, funds from the govt and corporate sector, and CSR funds to help fund this project. So far we have invested about Rs 25 lakhs in this venture. Most of this has come from our own personal funds as well as funding from friends and family. Talks are currently on with people in the corporate sector (for CSR funding), NGOs, NPOs and other social initiatives to share the funding.

This Award is going to impact the work in future : Rotary’s India Literacy Mission is in itself a project to reckon with. Receiving this recognition will mean an affiliation with members and partners of the Rotary India Literacy Mission, which would be a dream-come-true for someone working on enhancing literacy levels in India. I strongly believe that India cannot move forward unless crores of its underserved children are educated. We talk of a digital India, but can the uneducated masses really appreciate and share in it? This award will provide a double-barrelled impetus. Firstly, it will provide the exposure and validation needed to continue the work. It will help in interactions with some of the best people who are contributing their services in this field, and will likely lead to a collective motivation in moving forward. It would also further this mission by bringing together the best people (resources) on board for this project. It will also help by building connections with people who can use this solution to create a digit

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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