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Address : Education On Wheels, Espalier Experimental school, Opp. Saikhedkar Hospital, Kamatwade Road, Kamtwade, Nashik- 422008


Place : NASHIK

Mobile : 9890002258

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Work in field of literacy : “Destiny of India is being shaped in classroom”, Statement by Kothari Commission. But in India more than 8 crore c classrooms so what about them? cannot come to education, education must go to him." initiated Indias first Mobile School for depri Through this innovative concept he attempt to reach the grass root level where education is not reachable.This Mobile School is well equipped with the educational material like black board, Audio Visual aids, laboratory, library, books, comp students can accommodate in this bus. We conduct two hour session in every slum then move towards the next destination. There are many reasons for not attending school like child labour, taking care of siblings, domestic responsibility, both the parents are labours, unavailability of school in nearby area, superstition regarding girls education, unavailability of transport. But the most crucial aspect is that these socially deprived people dont realize the importance .

No of Beneficiaries : 4500

Social Impact : Literacy is the first step Literacy is the first step Literacy is the first step of education and education is the first step towards now more than 1000 children are being literate through our NGO. (Education on Wheels Bus) 2 ) Identifying out of school children is not just a responsibility of Government but its a collective effort of society. For this purpose Sachin a campaign as well named "Every Child Counts: Nashik" which has a Mobile App and Mobile Number where you can give information about any child who is out of school. After getting information we will help them to get than 4500 children in schools by convincing and counselling their parents as they are the first generation getting literacy. 3) Now I am going to share the biggest and influential impact of my w a backward community name as “Sayyad community” who have many superstations like they neither go to hospitals nor attend any school. Even they deliver babies at the road side. At the Description of the work being done .

Fund Outlay : 100000

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : funds Arranging fun is the most difficult task but when you work for betterment of society people come and join you. I am also running a school so I m taking help of my school parent willing to help for NGO. Through CSR Lear company donate Rs. 8 lakh ed and till the age of twelve the girl stays with parents and as she completes the age 13 she gets marry to the guy she was engaged. As we started our mobile school in Sayyad community, we had very tough time to convince these ildren to our school. More than 300 girls who are under 13 we started school for them. Through education and counselling the grown up girls decided to stay with their parents till the age of 18 which is the legal age of marriage in India. Here I can say at we provided the democratic right to these girls by the weapon of education. This change has come only because we educate them on their door step.

This Award is going to impact the work in future : As Every Child Counts is a social initiative where I am involving the whole city to run this campaign, this award will give a social image and good will to NGO. After receiving this award our toll free number will be publicized school so I m taking help of my school parents who are 15. How this Award is going to impact the more.

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