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DrPreeti Solanki

Name : DrPreeti Solanki





Sex : female

Date of Birth : 27/05/1976

Mobile : 9414160808

Email :

Educational Qualification : 1. Dr.PREETI PANWAR SOLANKI PhD(Commerce), MBA(HR &IT), BSc(PCM), Certification for 16PF tool of Oxford Psychological Press 2.Smt.DEEPTI ABHINAV GUPTA- PhD(Pursuing), MBA(Finance), B.Com(Hons), UGC-NET QUALIFIED

Work in field of literacy : Aagaz a club for children by children in guidance of we the mentors. Through AAGAZ we are teaching kids experiential learning program where we provided them material too required for learning. Aagaz kids club is an initiative for the children in guidance of Dr.Preeti Panwar Solanki and Deepti A. Gupta. The purpose is to entertain and encourage creativity and curiosity in children. The USP of AAGAZ is that we the mentors are teaching experiential learning, Art or Science to club kids members, but in RETURN these club kids have to go to underprivileged kids, rural schools, orphanages and these little kids take workshops for them. With the thought to give thrill in learning too, took the first creative workshop in Kids orphanage, Bedla, Udaipur in May 2009 with NCT,Pune of Nagesh Chavan and Christian Missionary,Aligarh in June 2009 then gradually widened it in 2011 for schools and orphanages. Added experiential science 2014. Done atUdaipur,Aligarh,Chittore,Delhi,Bhilwara,Baroda,Jamaica

No of Beneficiaries : 3000approx

Social Impact : To Make in India, we must first Invent in India". According to recent reports, four of the five Nobel laureates who were attending the Indian Science Congress here in India said that India must basically focus on discovering, inventing and making here and not just mere making. Our efforts are to create awareness about didactic learning, experiential-learning. Hands-on- activities help children explore science and art at their own pace. They see their working through their own efforts which ignite Curiosity, observational skills and research skills. Using these instinctive qualities, which not necessary to create Artists, but to create citizens who apply their brain to problems and use scientific and creative method to find the solutions. The analytical minds which can glory to India by discoveries and inventions or by providing smart solutions based on experiments and data analysis.

Fund Outlay : 80000approx

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Self-Funding and Fund generated by explaining the innovative concept and its impact to generous volunteers.

This Award is going to impact the work in future : Watch a child who endlessly fills, empty, and refills a bucket with water? Yes, all kids are scientists and artists by nature. But this process of experimentation comes to an end when they start cramming up definitions and theories without understanding of its practical aspect. This Award will encourage us and volunteer in our endeavor as well as help us to promote the new age teaching for every section of the society, It will surely help in getting more invitation from schools, organization and different platforms to spread the experiential learning education and we will add more numbers of mentors and Aagaz Kids Club members in various cities.

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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