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Sangita Vardhan

Recommended By : Rotary International District 3080
Name : Sangita Vardhan

Address : No.20, Sector 7-A Chandigarh 160019


Place : Chandigarh

City : Chandigarh

Sex : female

Date of Birth : 20/11/1059

Mobile : 7837093000

Email :

Educational Qualification : post Graduate

Work in field of literacy : Started working with children in beggary through roadside open classroom in 2007in Chandigarh.Founded Vatsal Chaya Trust as a registered body in 2008.Target group : children who are hard to reach and harder to retain: out of school children comprising child beggars, rag pickers, child labor/vendors, first generation learners and girls facing gender bias/sibling care ,drop outs and children with learning lags.The vision/mission from the outset has been to address the barriers which children in adverse circumstances face in school access, retention and completion and tackle the question of why so many children remain out of school.I work from 9 to 5 pm everyday amongst children and their communities.

No of Beneficiaries : 3000

Social Impact : Through my vision and committed work as Vatsal Chaya chairperson I have been positively impacting thousands of children .20% of Chandigarh population is below poverty line and migrants from poorest states like U.P.,Bihar and continue to have very high levels of educational deficits /needs as well as regressive social practices. Vatsal Chaya has served and is serving the largest number of children from very deprived categories in this region and brought in nearly 3000 children into schooling since 2008.

Fund Outlay : 16000000

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : The steady supply of funding is always a challenge. We have met this challenge in foll. ways:a. by having 1 or more major CSR partner/partners b.reputed bodies like charitable foundations/clubs/international agency like U.S. Department of State, State Bank of India, Rotary etc • c.One time CSR Donations in cash d.• CSR donations in kind like school bus, computers , stationery , health camps etc e• Personal donations from philanthropic individuals f• Grants from Governors Charitable Fund twice

This Award is going to impact the work in future : An award is always special because it brings recognition of hard work and passion for our noble cause but this Award would have a specially positive impact on my motivation and it will be a very significant milestone because it comes from such a respected and reputed organisation like Rotary. The name is a beacon of service and dedication ,highly regarded worldwide and to receive an honour from such an august social work body will refresh my determination to strive more and more , reach even more disadvantaged children and continue to work with renewed spirit and morale and keep alight the lamp of literacy . It will be a very valuable recognition .

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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