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Sarika Sharma

Recommended By : Rotary Club Bhiwadi RID3053
Name : Sarika Sharma

Address : Mrs Sarika Sharma Ward No. 2, Village Saidpur, Near D Block Bhagat Singh Colony, Bhiwadi Alwar Dist. Rajasthan


Place : Bhiwadi

City : Bhiwadi

Sex : female

Date of Birth : 15/08/1975

Mobile : 9783474241

Email :

Educational Qualification : 10+2

Work in field of literacy : One unique school was started in Bhiwadi in 2002. The school is meant for the children of Gadia Luhar Community. They never send their children to school and reside on the road side of city. With this concept, this school was started in under the name as Balwadi School. Mrs Sarika Sharma was appointed as a teacher in 2002 itself. It was a challenging task for Mrs Sarika to handle the children of such community. We started this school with app 15 children and faced many initial problems. However with the efficient and devotional working of Mrs Sarika, today 60 children are studying with full zeal.

No of Beneficiaries : 500

Social Impact : This school for the unique community has put a great impact on the society. The people, who believed that this community can never think of educating their children, were astonished and forced to believe that the strong will and sincere efforts can do anything. Members of different societies have understood the importance of literacy. On an average 55 to 60 students come out of the school every year after completing their initial education in this Balwadi School This movement is giving big boost to the literacy drive and the society is extremely pleased and satisfied. Every one praises the initiative of Rotary. Thus the society at large is deeply influenced with the drive and understood the importance of literacy.

Fund Outlay : 3000000

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Sponsorships, Donations and contribution by Rotarians and other organisations and individuals.

This Award is going to impact the work in future : This Award will be a great recognition for the hard and dedicated service, rendered in past 14 years, by Mrs Sarika Sharma. The less fortuned students of Gadia Luhar community will also get good recognition with this prestigious award. This award will not only motivate Mrs Sarika but also the members of the beneficiary community. The members of this as well as other backward community will also pay more attention towards literacy.

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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