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Ajay Singhal

Name : Ajay Singhal

Address : 64- Bhagwati Colony, Behat Road, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, 247001




Sex : male

Date of Birth : 06/01/1970

Mobile : 9634200601

Email :

Educational Qualification : M.C.A

Work in field of literacy : I am working with rag pickers. Now more than 250 rag picker kids are studying. More than 100 men learnt reading and writing and more than 50 ladies learnt reading and writing. I started this mission in February 2011 in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

No of Beneficiaries : 300

Social Impact : Social impact of this initiative is very wide. Whole society which have more than 2500 men/women and kids has been changed completely. During last five years more than 100 men, more than 50 women and more than 350 kids learnt reading and writing. More than 54 girls and boys are studying in govt school after getting study at this center. These kids got admission direct in 6th with the help of right to education. This is first generation of this slum which is studying

Fund Outlay : 20000

The challenge of arranging funds is being met : Running cost of this free evening school is very low. We need salary of teachers only Which is less than 20 thousand rupees per month. Stationary provided by the persons who came there to celebrate their kids birthday. Now we are getting lot of used material by many English medium school of city. Arranging fund is not a big task as many persons are contributing us

This Award is going to impact the work in future : If I get this award it will boost our moral and more persons will join us. We can start this mission in one more slum.

Blood relative a member of 'Rotary Club': No

Whether received any major State/National/International recognitions or award/s earlier : No

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